A big flash at the crooked house..

Well well well out for a drink justin and willy bumped into the lovely chav slut sarahjane,who immediatly got excited at the sight of them,well she knows full well shes gonna get some free drinks.
Willy got his camera out and after getting her a drink she got her tits out, what a lovely sight and all the people on the carpark thought so too, sarah loves doing a bit of flashing in public places..COR!! what a beauty…

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DIY drunk chav slut is a real fox..

The local b+q just the right place for the filthy chavs to get their trashy paint for their naff council flats.
Justin and willy spied a sweet petite chav just going in so justin jumped out of the van to go get her,
FREE BOOZE she couldn’t resist cause the fox loves to party and with such a cheeky laugh you won’t be able to resist wanking while she fucks herself in the back of the dirty chav van on the carpark.
Sweet paige fox turns into an animal frigging her clit and fingering her wet cunt while the camera is running,so sweet we’re sure you’ll love her….

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Cameron loves a freebie..

Looks like justin and willy caught cameron at the right time she was just about to go into morrisons to buy her cheap booze, but with the offer of some for free she didn’t hesitate to get in the back of the van to earn a bit extra money.
So she got her kit off in the back on morrisons carpark well she fingered her nice twat pushing them in really deep while justin and willy got the camera going.
She played with and rubbed her nice pert tits and frigged her sweet clit before fucking her juicy wet cunt for all she was worth bringing herself to a loud climax.
When she was done she trotted off with her easy earned money into morrisons to but her cheap vodka.
But only after promising to pay a visit to no 69 chavleycourt to earn some more…

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Kinky kas b earns her money for a drink..

Kas b was a little short of money the day justin and willy picked her up in the dirty chav van and took her back to chavleycourt for some filthy hot fun.
Well the poor girl had bills to pay, she owes the local off license a fortune and a gr8 big slate at the local pub.
She soon earned her money frigging her dirty clit and fingering her sweet chav cunt and on top of the drier has well i guess she just liked the vibration of the drum turning round and round.
After fucking her twat silly with a big dildo she collected her money and trotted off to get herself a cheap bottle of plonk has a reward….

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Asian babe amira leaves washing for a drink.

Well perhaps she was hanging her washing out to take her mind of drink,but when justin invited her up to no 69 chavleycourt she soon showed what a drunk chav slut she could be.

Anything for a drink well she did everything and right in front of willys camera,getting her kit of she was soon in the bedroom stripping and fucking herself,she is so cute and very pretty you wouldn’t think she could be so filthy.

Why don’t you take a look for yourselves see her sweet asian cunt and her pert tits with very nice brown nipples.. www.chavleycourt.com/

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Glory Glory drunk chav sluts…

this is worth a bottle of vodka...

 Rebecca ryder a nice bit of ettingshall tottie who thought nothing of sucking a huge cock in the middle of ward street where passing cars where papping and car drivers whistling out of their windows has they where coming down the road.

Well after all she’s another drunk chav slut who loves a cheap bottle of wine,vodka or lambrini and dosen’t care what she does to get one.

What a brilliant idea justin and willy had taking the glory hole mobile,so they can share it with all you dirty old pervs out there and if you like watching a larger girl getting fucked then the chav van is for you…

GO on come and see the size of rebeccas huge tits and her sweet pussy getting totally rammed with woodys huge cock in the back of the van and then see her take it in her mouth and blowjob it to it’s climax…… :)

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A large chunk of candi…

Drunk chav slapper candi moon was waiting outside the dole office leaning up the wall and looking like a right rough slapper,so justin and willy picked her up for a bit of fun and games in the van.
On the promise of a bottle of plonk she soon showed them her fake tanned body while she rammed a dildo right up her twat enjoying every minute of it.

Well what do you know when she was running short of booze she went and knocked at no 69 chavley court where she got down on the floor and fucked her big twat silly with a huge dildo, with the promise of some fags has well she soon had the dildo vibrating in her arsehole between her two fat arse cheeks well she’ll do anything for a bottle of cheap plonk and when she’d come she picked up her booze and went off to get pissed…

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drunk chav slut sarah fucks the bottle…

Sarahjane a cute and very friendly chav who loves drinking lambrini but not content with that she has to FUCK!! the bottle has well,
She did this when visiting justin and willy,her boyfriend phoned her to see what she was up to so she described all she was doing and showing to him while performing for justin and willy who enjoyed everyminute of it and you will too..
Go see the drunk chav sluts NOW!!!

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Tanya and masie drunk again..

Oh what a sight these two are dressed in their chav slut clothes anyone can see they just love shagging.
Justinhole and Willystroker spotted them one day getting chucked out the local pub for being drunk and disorderly,Masie had been getting her tits out in the pub and tanya had been sucking them,(naughty, Naughty,)…
When they spied the chav van they soon ran over and couldn’t wait to fall in the back and have some fun and willy has usual had the camera to hand to capture them fucking sucking licking and kissing each other in the back of the van on the carpark… www.chavvan.com/ HOT ACTION!!!!!


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